Zenith is a global Aviation Consulting firm focused on providing solutions to aviation businesses and related services industries. We specialise in designing and implementing strategic and operational change, restructuring businesses for better performance, advising investors and industry players wishing to acquire or sell assets as well as offering regulatory support to competent authorities and industry alike.

Our wide ranging expertise in the Aviation Industry requires us to utilise highly experienced consultants specialising in many different sectors including MRO, Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Commercial, Finance, Fleet services, Safety and Quality as well as Aviation specific IT.

2469933 sAt Zenith we know the challenges of running a cost effective and high quality MRO in today’s operating environment. The need to keep facilities busy, constantly manage overheads and attract/retain high quality engineers at the right cost has never been more critical in providing a profitable and efficient business. At a Military level, we know the demands that operators and defence forces place on their internal and outsourced maintenance providers. Coupled with today’s move towards private financing and civil owned/military registered aircraft for operation and deployment, we have an in depth awareness of what it takes to be a leading business in a fast changing sector.

5891975 sFrom initial type certification through to major modification programs on in service aircraft, we have an intimate understanding of the Engineering and Airworthiness challenges that our clients face. Through many years of working with airlines, CAMO’s and manufacturers in all of these sectors, we have in depth experience of how these important areas of responsibility and task accomplishment must be managed. Our overarching strategic view of the ‘technical life cycle’ of aircraft that impacts on just about every operator and owner enables us to piece together the best possible outcomes when optimising internal or outsourced Engineering and Airworthiness services.

BusinessZenith can provide high quality and informed Investor services with insight and industry awareness that add real value to any transaction. We can advise on all aspects of transactions including preparation for sale or investment, technical and financial due diligence, Information Memorandum compilation and related sales document advice.

planToday’s Manufacturing and Design sector sits in the very heart of our thriving industry. New technologies have driven significant steps towards the manufacturers providing more cost effective and efficient products, from complete aircraft design down to better system and component design. These new technologies flow down into the manufacturing space which has its own unique challenges including rigorous cost management and quality of product as well as on time delivery to a client base that must meet with tough aircraft delivery schedules. We know the demands that these new technologies and customer requirements place on the sector players and how to best manage them in a highly competitive yet quality driven market.  

excellenceWhen starting an Aviation Business, it is important to find the right blend of start-up experience, regulatory knowledge, business planning acumen and efficient project management. At Zenith we can offer a wide range of experts that combine to make an excellent team to deliver your start-up business. We know how crucial it is to meet targets and deliver services that enable aviation companies to start generating revenue as soon as possible so that seed capital and early investment funds are fully utilised. 

GAVEL LITIGATIONExpert Witness and Litigation services

Zenith has an in depth and highly specialised knowledge of the expert witness and litigation support services required by businesses in today’s ever increasingly litigious environment. We have supported some of the world’s most eminent legal firms by supplying the necessary technical and regulatory guidance essential to win cases. Our experienced staff can provide quality advice and specialist information in the challenging world of aviation safety and leasing disputes.

30545281 sThe Supply Chain and Logistics sector is one of the most important to our industry and has the potential to greatly affect organisational profitability, efficiency and passenger satisfaction. A properly structured and well managed supply chain and logistics construct can be the difference between profitable day to day operations and efficient on time departures as opposed to struggling with flight schedules and P+L performance. The need to have parts and materials where they are required and when has never been more important in our fast growing and ever competitive industry. CFO’s and CEO’s now have a need for airlines and MRO’s to keep balance sheet assets optimised and well utilised, this again points to top notch Supply Chain and Logistics arrangements. 

About Us

HJ 19Justin Goatcher is CEO and Managing Consultant of Zenith Aviation Consulting with over 36 years of aviation industry experience in a wide ranging portfolio of experience. 


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