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Zenith has an in depth and highly specialised knowledge of the expert witness and litigation support services required by businesses in today’s ever increasingly litigious environment. We have supported some of the world’s most eminent legal firms by supplying the necessary technical and regulatory guidance essential to win cases. Our experienced staff can provide quality advice and specialist information in the challenging world of aviation safety and leasing disputes.


7574720 sZenith has been involved in providing Expert Witness services to a number of clients over a number of years. Cases have ranged from total losses, lease disputes, lease returns, incident investigations, specialist engineering applications and EASA EU Black listing removal and or defences. We have recently been involved in Airport commercial/contractual disputes, late aircraft delivery compensation, lease return problems and aircraft design IPR ownership.


Our litigation work has covered a wide range of aircraft types including Airbus, Boeing and  Embraer, most industry sectors including Commercial Aviation, Corporate/VIP, Cargo, Helicopters and General Aviation.

Examples of our work include: 

  • Learjet total loss, providing an opinion on the airworthiness and maintenance status of the aircraft
  • A lease dispute between a major aircraft lease company and a Middle East based airline involving spare parts authenticity and certification
  • A lease dispute between an EU based finance/lease provider and a major EU airline around the status of certain modifications and repairs carried out to cargo aircraft being re-delivered
  • A lease conditions dispute between an EU lease company and an Asian airline involving its maintenance and airworthiness status at the point of delivery and acceptance. This case also involved engines and their repair status.
  • A large helicopter total loss, providing an opinion on component reliability and maintenance management issues 
  • A lease dispute between a US lease company and an EU airline over significant aircraft delivery and acceptance issues to do with engine design faults and registration issues
  • A unique case involving a major manufacturer and a governmental investor. The case was around design rights and aircraft design evolvement 

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HJ 19Justin Goatcher is CEO and Managing Consultant of Zenith Aviation Consulting with over 36 years of aviation industry experience in a wide ranging portfolio of experience. 


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