planToday’s Manufacturing and Design sector sits in the very heart of our thriving industry. New technologies have driven significant steps towards the manufacturers providing more cost effective and efficient products, from complete aircraft design down to better system and component design. These new technologies flow down into the manufacturing space which has its own unique challenges including rigorous cost management and quality of product as well as on time delivery to a client base that must meet with tough aircraft delivery schedules. We know the demands that these new technologies and customer requirements place on the sector players and how to best manage them in a highly competitive yet quality driven market.  


The Zenith Manufacturing and Design team are drawn from blue chip sector companies such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, Boeing, BAE Systems as well as SME sized Part 21 POA and DOA organisations. We have consultants that operate across the span of disciplines including design, certification, flight testing, prototyping, proof of concept, manufacturing, quality control and assurance as well as related safety management systems applied to this important part of our industry. We are equally as comfortable in the civil and military sectors that live within all these sectors and have intimate knowledge of how they work in today’s business environment. Our working and management level experience also covers the aftermarket areas including the DOA and POA companies that are involved with modifications, repairs, cabin and system upgrades, novel designs and the compilation of continuing airworthiness recommendations associated with all of these activities. 

Coupled with our Regulatory expertise in all areas of Manufacturing and Design, we are able to operate at multiple levels across and between the many areas of focus in this critical industry sector.25868493 s 

Our unique range of services includes:

  • Strategic Advice to Aerospace Manufacturing and Design companies
  • Manufacturing and Design organisation start up projects
  • Manufacturing and Design organisational growth and capability increase planning and implementation
  • Business reviews including capacity planning and organisational optimisation as well as financial analysis and resource alignment
  • Manufacturing organisational lean methodology application and implementation
  • Supply chain and logistics reviews to optimise and improve efficiency whilst reducing costs 
  • Regulatory approvals support for major projects with specialist expertise and regulator liaison including type certification and modification classification
  • Uniquely we also provide Military MAA and EU EMAR based services for pan European Military operations and Military MRO’s 


About Us

HJ 19Justin Goatcher is CEO and Managing Consultant of Zenith Aviation Consulting with over 36 years of aviation industry experience in a wide ranging portfolio of experience. 


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