30545281 sThe Supply Chain and Logistics sector is one of the most important to our industry and has the potential to greatly affect organisational profitability, efficiency and passenger satisfaction. A properly structured and well managed supply chain and logistics construct can be the difference between profitable day to day operations and efficient on time departures as opposed to struggling with flight schedules and P+L performance. The need to have parts and materials where they are required and when has never been more important in our fast growing and ever competitive industry. CFO’s and CEO’s now have a need for airlines and MRO’s to keep balance sheet assets optimised and well utilised, this again points to top notch Supply Chain and Logistics arrangements. 

At Zenith we have a team of subject matter experts that are highly experienced in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. Having previously worked in OEM, military, airline, MRO and specialist spare part management organisations such as Satair, AAR and Flightspares Ltd we can deliver our unique blend of operational experience and senior management acumen to very good effect in many different situations.


We have a major market differentiation in terms of our civil and military fixed and rotary wing supply chain and logistics expertise and how current industry practise impacts on the whole aviation sector.  -? We have superb insight into how organisations can best utilise internal and outsourced solutions as well as structuring key contracts in the Power By the Hour and Time and Materials provider communities. 

From the regulatory angle, we have extensive civil and military experience in this sector having been involved in? with Start-ups, consignment management, essential stock management, warranty management and lean procurement process application. 

Our unique range of services includes:

  • Start up and established organisational reviews for the optimisation of construct’s
  • Development and delivery of performance based Logistics and Aircraft availability contracts
  • Through life supply chain sustainment un both the military and commercial environments
  • Flying hour (PBH) based contracting for consumable and rotable parts for both airline and military sectors
  • Industry offset and industrial participation supply chain and logistics program management 
  • Airline supply chain and logistics reviews including optimisation for subcontracting and multiple MRO service provider structures
  • Military ‘availability’ based contracts and the inherent supply chain and logistics costs


About Us

HJ 19Justin Goatcher is CEO and Managing Consultant of Zenith Aviation Consulting with over 36 years of aviation industry experience in a wide ranging portfolio of experience. 


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